An excellent Management system is the most basic element of brand building, which also is the base of Kande’s of standardization and institutionalization. It is only through standards in the management system that allows customers and hotel staff to implement these standards into the daily operation.

《Kande CIS System》is designed for Kande hotel brand image through implementation of our standards. This standard is to fully enhance the overall visual effect of the hotel, which fully embodies the Kande hotel brand connotation, for the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of the brand; the hotel has released an essential guidance manual on this subject.

Management Model
With absorption of foreign ideas and experience in its own hotel management and at the same time paying attention to China's national conditions and local culture we strive to combine a form set of scientific, advanced, standardized completed hotel management model - "Kande Hotel Management Standards Manual." The hotel's group and members of the senior management personnel have received professional hotel management training on a higher education in sectors of foreign expertise. Many of them have studied hotel management and been in hotel management industry for many years, which leaves them with a solid theoretical basis and practical experience. Moreover they have worked in many domestic as well as international well-known Hotel Group for many years, where they have accumulated a wealth of hotel management expertise talents. Kande will be most gracious to send the hotel a high-level management team; within a short time the hotels management level shall reach new heights.