Product Development
In order to keep and always maintain a competitive edge in the market, as well as to provide effective support to the members of the hotel, we have established a "hotel product development department" which specializes in hotel products, including the development of tangible and intangible products. For example, Kande taste, Sweet Dream, Early Bird service, Happy Birthday and some other special features of the product market characteristics to achieve our goal of “customer satisfaction, customer delight and customer enlightenment".

Training System
Kande understands "people-oriented" actual meaning and has established a comprehensive three-tier training network, thus promoting the members of the hotel training system, the establishment and carrying out other store training. At the same time, the Group will take the lead in the organization of specialized training, such as the lobby, room service, engineering, catering, human resources, financial management, safe production and many other specialized training in order to achieve the exchange of experience and blending a sense of the purpose of the Group.

We have established a number of tourist cooperation between institutions to make full use of various social resources for the members of the hotel's training and education. Moreover we have reserved manpower to provide operating space to enhance the management of the operational capacity by exploring the hotels talents, it also can save significant recruitment costs and labour costs.

Global Sales Network

Kande is committed to creating a powerful sales network for members of the source area of the hotel reservation service worldwide. By working with the global distribution system (GDS) the cooperation with Kande hotel has put us in touch with more than 4000,000 travel agents worldwide, no matter where the guests are in the world they can check and book Kande hotel services.

Dynasty Club Plan
After many years of successful operation, Kande hotel has recognized a growing number of guests. VIP Dynasty is a Kande loyal customer reward program. Our incentives include provision of discounts, member exclusive services and reward points. By providing this service we can ensure that our customers always choose Kande Hotel as their first choice and to ensure the hotel and its owners more lucrative return on investment.

Brand promotion and publicity
The brand has always been the most important asset for Kande. We carefully design and implement our branding programs in order to create a renowned China-based luxury hotel chain of Kande Hotel Group. Our brand theme is "Transcend into a world of elegance only at Kande”, the service concept of "Customer satisfaction; Customer Delight; and Customer Enlightenment" is to focus on our earnest service, comprehensive facilities and elegant environment.

We are committed to working with mainstream media with long-term cooperative relationship in order to release important information on Kande hotel. New information on hotel management contracts signed, new hotel openings, introduction of new product concepts, services, projects or marketing activities can be made public through the news media in short period of time.

Our Group's cross-promotion also allows members of the hotel to derive significant benefits. Each hotel is equipped with hotel display stands which focuses on displaying publicity materials. Each of these hotels is set up with a private television channel which broadcast group video commercials. A unified design produced by the Group, which is known as 《ENJOY》 is widely welcomed and praised by the customers.

Electronic Network Consulting Platform
We have introduced and established an advanced electronic financial accounting system, which not only enhances the supervision and financial transparency in budget implementation, but also reduces the members of the hotel's operation and management costs.
We also established a regular internal newsletter, "Kande Newsletter" for the members of the hotel to build a spiritual home for employees, in order to provide staff with professional management seminars to display their performance of services in practice, express personal values and improve their knowledge on a cultivation platform.

Group Purchasing
Kande purchases adhere to the "conducive to significant procurement cost savings, product quality, is conducive to the steady increase is conducive to the efficient functioning of the procurement system," the guiding principle of serving the needs of hotel operators for the owners to save significant procurement costs. The Group has a group capable of adequate responses to changes in the market, well versed in hotel purchasing manager, product standards, with more than a number of national suppliers signed a central procurement contracts, to support their sustainable development efforts.