Financial Monitoring
Kande has developed a mature, internationally-oriented budget system, operation flow system and an internal control system in order to ensure sustainable operation and development of hotels.

Asset Management
For the hotel's assets we carry out strict management, the establishment of a strict asset acquisition, reported that loss and processing procedures. Any acquisition of fixed assets must be included in the budget submission of the owners for approval; and no retirement assets and small glass bowl are required to submit the owners to confirm their agreement.

Financial and operational analysis
Kande has a scientific financial analysis system. Our financial department and various other departments and hotels have a close collaboration, carefully research the development of key financial indicators and operational indicators of the baseline. (baseline labor costs, energy cost basis, the average room revenue, market share, etc.) Kande also has an analysis tool that provides us with a more in-depth and comprehensive information on the hotel's financial analysis and operational analysis. By these means we can provide the hotel and its management with more effective management measure and solutions. From any serious deviation from the normal budget targets or industry standard, the heads of both companies will work together with hotel management to examine ways to improve the hotel's policy.

Cost Control
Strict cost control hotel allows owners to be able to create a higher return on their investment. Members of Kande discuss on how to establish good systems of cost-cutting based on the cost analysis during the monthly meetings. The Group's Finance department cost analysis of each hotel will be reviewed and discussed at a meeting to form an effective measure to sum up the experience and how to promote excellence. At the same time, the Group all the hotel's cost index including the purchase price and other information will be complied and distrusted to each hotel and sent to the General Manager of the Finance Department, so that each hotel can be compared by hotel average, and thus understanding their own hotel management efficiency.

Quality Control
Kande has developed a comprehensive quality monitoring system through a clear grasp of rituals that are founded on a regular basis for members of the hotel. They objectively judge and asses the service quality, management level and the status of hotel customer relations. They further more judge the level of promotion towards the members of the hotel and on the continuous improvement of hotel services and improvement of raising the overall quality of the service and management level.