We have a senior management team from domestic as well as international well-known hotels, through monthly and quarterly KPI performance reports, quarterly visits, and an annual performance evaluation system our management team will know about each hotel's operational status and by so help the hotel management to take measures on management improvement programs to ensure that each hotel performance adequate and well where it is needed.

Kande maintains regular visits to the hotel, for Kande Hotel Group making regular visit as an unsuspecting guest is an important responsibility. At least once every quarter Kande inspect the hotels in various places based on Kande's Rituals Handbook to experience the hotel's main product and service sectors. These inspections include the inspection of the facilities of regional logistics and security measures to ensure that each Kande Hotel is in line with its product standards. Kande also hold a meeting with the main hotel management and control over the annual performance indicators, benchmarks and competitive group hotel's performance, analysis and discussion of the reasons for deviation to determine the improvement plan to ensure that the owners meet and exceed the expectations of the performance standards in line with the Kande standards.

“Customer Satisfaction; Customer Delight; and Customer Enlightenment” is our service philosophy, Kande has devoted a lot of effort to quality service. We have established a comprehensive guest service list, which includes personalized letters in guest rooms, Assistant Manager/ GRO visit reports, guest satisfaction surveys, sales call reports and other feedback. All of these views are periodically sent to the hotel's general manager and resident manager for them to personally review and supervise and to ensure the shortest possible time is taken to respond and redress adequately.