Self-operated Investment
Kande Hotels and Resorts invest and develop hotel project through purchasing land and leasing property. It's required that the selected area has a good location and brilliant market prospects. The market and location are the performance determinants for the hotel's design and benefits. The hotel is invested, built and managed all by Kande Hotels and Resorts. With professional management mode, strong brand support and systematic techniques, the hotel product and service quality correspond to Kande's brand principle and standard.

Entrusted Management
The owner and Kande will sign an entrusted management agreement and Kande will assign a management team headed by the General Manager. By doing so we will make a comprehensive transit of our advanced hotel management model of “International Standards, Chinese Culture and Kande Features” into Kande's special service standard of “Customer Satisfaction; Customer Delight and Customer Enlightenment”. These keywords characterize the Kande Way of hospitality and help to develop a comprehensive set of procedures and series of strict management systems. With the cooperation principle of supremacy of the owner's benefits on behalf of the owners in accordance with the standards of Kande hotel management and the overall operation of the market demand by carrying out daily management activities to ensure the hotel's operation goes smoothly and to achieve excellent financial figures and social benefits.

Franchise Management
In order to meet the specific high quality standards and be granted the Kande-star hotel brand franchise the project will receive an assessment based on location, size, facilities and equipment conditions. When the owner complies and meets with the given standard requirements of Kande, Kande will provide professional management training and guidance for the owner with Kande's set management standards. At the same time, based on the franchise regulations, Kande will appoint monitors to assure the hotel's service quality and when necessary point out and supervise the management on future potential management problems and hidden dangers to make sure all problems shall be resolved in a fashionable manner. By doing so we shall ultimately ensure product quality of our franchise hotels in line with Kande's brand regulatory requirements and standards.


Consulting Management
As an owner authorized commissioned consultant, Kande will do a market feasibility analysis for owners, such as in building construction, functional layout, equipment selection and installation, already opened hotels as well shall be given pre-views of an integrated technical support in different stages. In addition, as a consulting company Kande Hotel Management Co., Ltd. will also be involved in the hotel's design philosophy, business philosophy, market positioning, etc. to help assist and provide the owner with professional advice.

As the owner's professional adviser, we will actively cooperate with and advice the owners in the hotel's design construction and renovation process of the various requirements and questionnaire. When necessary, we could participate in discussions and meetings organized by owners to give our professional advice and views.