Consulting service of hotel preparation, opening, construction management

Kande Hotel Management Co. organizes management team to enter the project site, improve and prepare for opening up. The preparation includes:

1)、Program management suggestion: decoration design proposal optimization, facilities selection, program

         management, cost control management, light current planning, initial design and second design proposal

         model house consulting, facilities selection consulting, construction quality management and decoration



2)、Optimization suggestion of intelligent system: wide band system, hotel management system, SPC exchange

         system, guest room centralized control system, wire television, air conditioner, hydropower system.


3)、Purchasing suggestion of materials and equipment: offer the selection and professional guide of hotel

         facilities, allocation plan of hotel materials purchasing, enacting purchasing plan and budget, assisting the

         selection of hotel facilities.


4)、Human resources management: establish organizational structure, employee formulation, recruiting plan, staff

         management system, salary and benefit system, staff training.


5)、Financial management suggestion: formulate and practice insurance plan, cost control management,

         warehouse management, purchasing management, fund management, cashier operating plan.


6)、Guestroom, food and beverage, entertainment, health centre program management: establish operating

         procedures brochure, service standard and requirements, staff training, establish estimate and testing system,

         opening activities planning.


7)、Market expansions and public relations advertising: VI design, website design, plan and practice public

         relations and advertising, establish guest files, set the target market, test public relations strategy and market

         influence, hotel image and sales guide.