Anti-cold foot massage

When the flu strikes again even though you are on injections and medications, pay more attention to your daily diet.

Foot massage can also help you on your way! Cough and fever is the symptom of lung injury.
Foot reaction zone position: Feet on the foot bone in the middle of the second half of the area enclosed.
Massage: Along this structure, from bottom to top, using the knuckle of your hand to push and withhold.

Indications: Colds, asthma, coughs and bronchitis.
Reaction zone: Foot massage can ease these ailments.
Foot reaction zone position: Massage soles of the feet first, concentrating on the centre, then pull the second toe in an upwards manner using the thumb and index fingers.

Indications: Cough, bronchitis, runny nose, stuffy nose, and sneezing are common symptoms of a cold.
Foot reaction zone location: Along the distal foot.
Massage with the index finger and pull with the push-pull method