VIP Dynasty Club Introduc

Kande Hotels & Resorts meticulously designed Kande VIP Dynasty Club so that on your every visit to any subsidiary hotel you will experience more comfortincreased convenience and be ever more pleased with our level of service

As our esteemed Dynasty Club Member you will be pleased to find every detail meticulously and especially prepared for your every stayAll because you are our most valued and esteemed guest

As our esteemed Dynasty Club Member you may enjoy and partake of a range of preferential services fit for a distinguished Guest such as youKande VIP Dynasty Club has a total of four membership rankings:E,GoldPlatinum and Diamond MembershipsAll Members of the Kande VIP Dynasty Club will enjoy unparalleled and distinctive levels of service!

Transcend into a world of elegance only at Kande!  



                                         Membership / General Requirements

Guests of the Hotel must be approved Members of Kande VIP Dynasty Club and conform with the following set of regulations prior to receiving membership privileges and service:

1. When making reservations, Members must indicate their membership number and when partaking of services must show their membership card in order to receive all the attendant privileges and services associated with Kande VIP Dynasty Club;

2. The VIP Card is an emblem of esteem and valueshall not be transferred, altered and it is ues for the cardholders only, please keep it safe;

3. The VIP card has the function of making prepayment as deposit, if the VIP Card is lost or damaged, the cardholder must notify the hotels immediately. The charge for a replacement card is RMB20. The hotel is not liable for any loss thus incurred;

4. Kande Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to, with of without notification, make any changes to Member status / privileges as it sees fit.  


General Items

1. Guests Membership into Kande VIP Dynasty Club (Club) and attendant privileges and services shall be totally at the discretion of Kande Hotels & Resorts. All rights and privileges associated with Kande VIP Dynasty Club are only available and for use at all hotels which owned by Kande Hotels & Resorts;

2. Kande VIP Dynasty Club rules and regulations shall be subject to and be interpreted by relevant P.R.C laws; Kande Hotels & Resorts has the right to cancel the membership, rights and privileges of any Member found to be intentionally in contradiction with the rules and regulations as set out by the Club;

3. Kande VIP Dynasty Club and its rights and privileges may be cancelled at anytime with or without notification by Kande Hotels & Resorts. Upon cancellation of this Club, all rights and privileges shall be available to Members for a period of six months from date of cancellation;

4. Membership shall be limited to Guests 18 years or above (indicates Guests that are approved Members of the Club and subject to the rules and regulations of the Club). Membership shall not be made available to companies, organizations and or clubs;

5. Members of the Club have the right to use and enjoy all rights and privileges in accordance with the rules and regulations as set out by the Club;

6. Kande Hotels & Resorts shall not be held responsible for any effects to Members and or partner of this Club stemming from cancellation and or changes to any part of the membership rules and regulations;

7. Only one member who pay the total bill shall be allowed to accumulate points regardless of how many members are within the party;

8. The bonus points can only be acquired by the consumption of Hotel Rooms, Catering, Fitness center etc. at the VIP rate. (Consumption points could be gained through more than one rooms, on condition that one member for all rooms' paying).

9. Membership could be cancel if Member does not consume within two years period at any hotel which owned by Kande Hotels & Resorts;

10. Kande Hotels & Resorts reserves the right of final interpretation of all rules and regulations as set out by the Club.

The rules and regulation of Kande VIP Dynasty Club shall in no way indicate that Kande Hotels & Resorts has any type of intention to, or cooperates with, or represents any other organization or partner.

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