Foot Tips

Learn the magic secrets of the foot:
The feet are the body's "second heart". According to ancient Chinese medicine, acupressure on people's feet can stimulate the distribution of the six major meridians; and those are:

The liver, the spleen, the stomach, the kidneys and other organs. The foot has 66 points, and blood throughout the body in turn stimulate the foot through the meridians. Acupuncture points can achieve the following results:

It can regulate “Qi” and blood, promote circulation, enhance immunity, prevent disease, pumping blood to nerves, aid blood circulation, and get proper organs enough oxygen and nutrients to enable normal function.

Calming the nerves of pain: According to the ancient medical books on the blood, if any of the meridians are blocked, it will cause pain. Foot massage can relieve pain, and soothe the nerves of the effect.


Changing the constitution: The implementation of the overall treatment of foot massage, can improve digestion and absorption, enhanced metabolism, regenerate cells, and boost the immune system.


Skincare: Promote blood circulation and accelerate detoxification.


Special presentation on "foot cupping": Foot cupping was first done with cut-off bamboo cane segments and placed on fixed points of the foot. This treatment can be done on persons with rheumatism, or those who are suffering from diarrhea or fevers, as it adjusts the person off the yin and yang balance, relieving fatigue and enhancing the physical functions.