Welfare Policy
We offer pleasant working and living environment:
A. Free staff apartments equipped with air conditioning, telephone, hot/cold water
B. Comprehensive social insurance and welfare
C. Fitness and recreation facilities
D. Various types of employee clubs with a variety of staff activities
E. Free meal

Our set rapid growth plans for staff's development:
A. Languages and job skills training;
B. Three-stairs professional staff training system.
C. Campus recruitment program.
D. Impartial, fair and open performance management.
E. fair, just and open full performance management
F. Employee's personal periodical target management.
H. Career development opportunities within Kande Hotels and Resorts.

The three-stairs professional staff training system
The first stair
Department assistants or higher positions are the first stair. All the promising candidates in 1-3years will be developed into the first stair talent-reserving system.
The second stair
The supervisor of all departments and senior technical staff are the second stair. All the promising candidates in 1-3years will be developed into the second stair talent-reserving system.
The third stair
The outstanding employees in all departments are the third stair. All the promising candidates in 1 year will be developed into the third stair talent-reserving system.
Salary promotion system:
In order to encourage employee motivation and attract more outstanding personnel, ensure the effectiveness of training, hotels carry out a series of salary advancement to motivate the staff improve their performance.
Intern promotion policy:
The interns can transfer into contractual employees when passed the department examination and were confirmed the finish of internship by Human Resources Department and General Manager. The interns can be preferred to promote after the internship when pass the department appraisal.

Vocational development:
The staff is the foundation of Kande's success. Our guiding principle is to hire well-attitude staff, and offer them skills training. We will ensure staff training plan, employee retention plan career planning plan. Our goal is to become the first choice of customers, employees, shareholders and business partners. To achieve this goal, we are required to attract and retain more excellence employees, keep the customer loyalty.
We have solid training plan for new employees, provide on-the-job training cover all levels, positions of the staff on professional skills. We hope it can stimulate the potential of each employee help them achieve their personal career development goals.